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A Salute to Black History Month - 2017

Antron Brown The First African American NHRA Top Fuel Driver
to Win (3) Championship Titles - Winning in 2012, 2015 & 2016

Antron Brown - 2012 NHRA Top Fuel Champion

Antron Brown - 2015 NHRA Top Fuel Champion

Antron Brown - 2016 NHRA Top Fuel Champion


Must Read Books
About African American Racers

For Gold & Glory - Charles Wiggins And The African-American Racing Car Circuit
This book tells the little-known story of a highly celebrated auto-racing event for African Americans, the Gold and Glory Sweepstakes.
These races were held in Indiana and throughout the Midwest during the racial turbulence of the 1920s and 1930s, The story is told through the eyes
and emotions of Indianapolis auto mechanic Charlie Wiggins. The greatest African American driver of the era, Wiggins was known as the
"Negro Speed King." Set against the colorful backdrop of gangsters, bootleggers, the birth of jazz, and the early history of auto racing in the United States,
For Gold and Glory chronicles the tragedies and triumphs of a dedicated group of individuals who overcame tremendous odds to chase their dreams.

Hard Driving ...The Wendell Scott Story - The American Odyssey of Nascars First Black Driver
This is the dramatic story of one man’s dogged determination to live the life he loved, and to compete,
despite daunting obstacles, at the highest level of his sport.Wendell Scott figured he was signing up for trouble when he
became nascar’s version of Jackie Robinson in the segregated 1950s. Some speedways refused to let him race.

Racing While Black : How an African American Stock Car Team Made It's Mark on Nascar
Starting a NASCAR team is hard work. Starting a NASCAR team as an African American is even harder. These are just a few of the lessons learned by
Leonard T. Miller during his decade and a half of running an auto racing program. Fueled by more than the desire to win, Miller made it his goal to create opportunities for black drivers in the vastly white, Southern world of NASCAR. Racing While Black chronicles the travails of selling marketing plans to
skeptics and scraping by on the thinnest of budgets, as well as the triumphs of speeding to victory and changing the way racing fans view skin color.
With his father—former drag racer and longtime team owner Leonard W. Miller—along for the ride, Miller journeys from the short tracks of
the Carolinas to the boardrooms of the "Big Three" automakers to find out that his toughest race may be winning over the human race.

Silent Thunder: Breaking Through Cultural, Racial, and Class Barriers in Motorsports
This is the autobiography of African-American motorsports pioneer Leonard W. Millerr. It is a rare look inside an African-American
man’s motor-racing experience from post World War II into the early 1990s. From inside the pits where resourcefulness
defines victory or defeat, to behind the wheel with nothing but the smell of adrenaline and fear, to the plush upholstered offices
of corporate sponsors where truth can be treacherous, Silent Thunder is an engrossing read that moves at lightening speed.
The author also shares fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes featuring such names as Howard Cossell, Dan Gurney,
Mario Andretti, Skip Barber, Clarence Thomas, Malcolm Durham, Wendell Scott, Linda Lovelace, Don King, and many others.

The Book on African American Drag Racers
Drag racing is so much fun to watch, the showmanship, the speed, the competition, the burnouts, the wheel stands
and the most important thing is the accessibility. Drag racing is the only sport where you can buy a pass
and go into the pits and talk to the drivers and actually watch the mechanics prepare the racecars.

"The Book on African American Drag Racers" is not a comprehensive or a complete book on African Americans
in the sport of drag racing. Why? Because every day, somewhere in America, there is a young man or woman
who will discover this great sport and seek to try their hand at making a name for themselves, in the sport.


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