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(Updated 5/19/2023)

Home of the Quarter Mile Brothers Top Sportsman


It is with great sadness that we report the passing of

Willie Hump passed away on Sunday, April 16, 2023.

Willie Hump started racing in 1957 on the streets of DC in a 1947 Plymouth.  Mr. Hump realized it was much safer to change over to the drag strip.  He then started racing his 1955 Chevy at Aquasco Speedway in the early 60’s.  Willie Hump was a member of the D.C. Speed Shifters, Satin Chauffer’s and a member of the Quartermasters Racing Team.

Our thoughts & prayers go out to his wife Barbara & to the Lee Family. We also extend our condolences to Quartermaster.

Memorial Service

Saturday, May 27, 2023
11:00 am

Tabernacle Baptist Church
719 Division Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20019

The Service will also be livestreamed at tbcdc.org.

If anybody has antique cars, please drive them and carry
by @ 10:00am. There will be spaces on the church parking lot. There will be security.

May He R.I.P.

ENTRY FEE - $100


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Home of the Quarter Mile Brothers Top Sportsman

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5/12/2023 - Bubby Tibbs - Winner - Big Tire - Big Tire & Small Tire Shootout - Sumerduck Dragway - Sumerduck, VA

5/12/2023 - Boo Brown - #1 Qualifier 4.60 Bikes (4.600 @ 153.00) - Shakedown Nationals XXI - Virginia Motorsports Park - Dinwiddie, VA

5/12/2023 - Rafaelle Proctor - Winner - Bracket Bike Racing Matters Motorcycle ET - Midnight Madness - Maryland International Raceway - Budds Creek, MD

5/7/2023 - Father & Son Share Winner's Circle @ Piedmont Dragway -
TJ Harvey (son) - Winner - Junior Dragster
Travis Harvey (father) - Runner-up - Top Eliminator

5/6/2023 - TJ Harvey - Winner - Junior Dragster - Piedmont Dragway - Julian, NC

5/6/2023 - Ronnie Settles - Motorcycle ET - Sumerduck Dragway - Sumerduck, VA

5/6/2023 - Mike Hall - Winner - Footbrake - Triple Threat Showdown - Virginia Motorsports Park - Dinwiddie, VA

5/6/2023 - Wesley Washington Jr. - "Last Brother Standing" - Triple Threat Bracket Series - Virginia Motorsports Park - Dinwiddie, VA

5/5/2023 - Travis Harvey - #1 Qualifier (3.779 @ 200.75) - Big Dog Shootout - Piedmont Dragway - Julian, NC

5/4/2023 - Melvin Waltington Jr. - Winner - 7.79 Real Street - Piedmont Dragway - Julian, NC

5/4/2023 - Emanuel Cohn Jr. - Runner-up - 7.79 Real Street - Piedmont Dragway - Julian, NC

4/26/2023 - Fred Tyler Jr. - "Last Brother Standing" - Top ET - Capitol Raceway - Crofton, MD


Please note that events posted here are NOT always hosted by QuarterMileBrothers.com or Custom T's Racing.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS was created to keep our racers and fans informed of events hosted by
African American Organizations, Racers, Car Clubs etc.

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Gone But Not Forgotten
May They All R.I.P.

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(If you have a photo of your car from your earlier days of racing
(THEN) and are still racing (NOW) with a new car or updated
car we would like you to send in your photos and we will add then to our
Then & Now Series. You may email your photos to: ETRacer@QuarterMileBrothers.com)

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QuarterMileBrothers.com was created to highlight
African Americans in Drag Racing the ' Brothers'.

As most of us know, African American males in the professional field of Drag Racing are very few.
But little do you know, that there are hundreds of
'Brothers' who come out every
Weekend to bracket race down the Quarter Mile. These are the '
Brothers' that you never hear about.
At least not until you have viewed this Web site.

Each week we will try to share with you pictures and stories about the Quarter Mile Brothers.
We will also provide you with information on the
'Brothers' in the professional field of Drag Racing.

Our goal at QuarterMileBrothers is to document ALL accomplishments made by the 'Brothers' in drag racing.
Our staff travels to various tracks each week but we can’t be everywhere.  PLEASE email us at ETRacer@QuarterMileBrothers.com when your team makes it to the winners’ circle or if you are the last 'Brother' standing. If you don’t see a story on the website, it’s because we were not notified or not at the track.

If this is your first time viewing our website and you won a race a week or months ago, just email us
the information and we will post it on the website. Remember: It’s never too late to Congratulate a 'Brother'.

If you would like to share a story or pictures with our readers please drop us a line at
 ETRacer@QuarterMileBrothers.com - We look forward to hearing from you.


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Top Sportsman Shootout Profil

PLEASE NOTE : Only Racers who have participated in a Custom T's of DC & QuarterMileBrothers Top Sportsman Shootout will be listed. Starting with the Battle on the Hill Race held at Capitol Raceway on September 5, 2009 and will include all future participants. For those who do not have a head shot on their profile we request that you email us a photo so that we can complete your profile.

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